declaration of promises

We love Vena and we know you will too.

We are fanatical about customer satisfaction.

We are obsessed with delivering beyond all expectations. 

We are practitioners and we know how to leverage Vena to alleviate the

problems and pain points you now suffer, because we did it as clients first.

We are exclusive with Vena, which allows us to go an inch wide

and a mile deep to be true experts. 

We will work ourselves out of a job because we believe

no one should be beholden to third-party consultants indefinitely. 

We focus on quality over quantity. 

We want to be known as the best not the biggest. 

We strive and thrive on 100% customer satisfaction!

We promise to be more than a consultant - a strategic partner with a vested 

interest in your success because your success IS our success.

We will EXPEDITE your time-to-value – saving you both time and resources.

We will deliver a service that is like none other.

We will ENABLE and EMPOWER you through our collaborative

approach to ensure self-sufficiency. 

We are the premier Vena partner and we are dedicated to you.

We will exceed your expectations and address your needs

thoughtfully and in unexpected ways.  

We will WOW you…and that’s a promise.

Dominic DiBernardo - Managing Principal


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