The DB Group was established on the principles of trust and transparency, with an unmatched commitment for customer satisfaction. Those remain our guiding principles and we've built up the best team to achieve them. 

With a combined 40+ years' FP&A experience and a Vena client for five years before becoming a partner, The DB Group is the management and implementation consultancy you can trust. We specialize in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software with a focus on improving and streamlining our clients' finance and accounting processes.

Our Founding Team

Dominic DiBernardo - Managing Principal

Dominic DiBernardo has 13 years of FP&A experience. Prior to founding The DB Group, Dominic held the title of Chief Business Intelligence Officer where he managed both Finance and IT. He has enjoyed the benefits of using Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software for most of his career and he now, as a Vena Partner, wants to deliver those benefits to as many clients as possible. Dom knows the product inside and out after using it for five years as a client.

Trenton Hubley - Managing Partner

Trenton Hubley leveraged Vena on the client side for over three years working as a Financial Analyst. After using Vena on a daily basisduring that period, he mastered the product and now looks to spread his experience and expertise to a wide variety of clients. Trenton recognizes all the benefits that CPM software can provide and he will deliver those benefits as a premier partner of Vena.

Brendon Suggett - Managing Partner

Prior to joining the DB group, Brendon spent over a decade in finance and accounting. He began his career as an auditor at Deloitte and then moved to the client side in various accounting and FP&A roles in. The most recent of which was as Director of Finance for an education company where he led the company’s finance, accounting, and payroll functions. During his time he has used many CPM solutions, and can honestly say that Vena is the best he’s seen due to its automation, scalability, flexibility to customize, ability to manage security settings, and familiarity of the excel frontend. He knows first-hand how revolutionary a good CPM solution can be for a company and is excited to bring those benefits to other clients

Chris McCarthy - Managing Consultant

Chris spent the first 10 years of his career in corporate finance across numerous companies, experiencing first-hand the benefits of quality CPM platforms. He was introduced to Vena in his most recent job, where he spent 2 and a half years mastering the product and leveraging its potential as an FP&A Manager before joining the DB Group. He understands the pain points in maintaining efficiencies when lacking a quality CPM software, and wants to pass that knowledge on to the client.

Flint Weldin - Consultant

Flint has held various roles in finance and accounting, working in both the private and public sectors. He started his career out of college working for a CPA firm before moving into a more traditional FP&A role with Sutter Home Winery - one of the largest family-run independent wineries in the United States. He now passionately and enthusiastically helps deploy Vena for The DB Group.


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