Business intelligence

Business intelligence

The role of business intelligence in driving results

There’s nothing quite like knowing all the facts, is there? 

The clarity, the sense of certainty, knowing that you can make important decisions from a position of empowerment because you’re able to see the options. Not guessing or scrambling for information, worried you’ve missed a key piece of data that threatens to damage your projections and plans.

That’s the power of business intelligence. Equipping you with the information you need to perform your job at the highest level.

The need for business intelligence software

Let’s back up a little first and look at what business intelligence (BI) is in the first place. It’s the use of technology to analyze data from within an organization, delivering actionable information that decision-makers can use. 

Data is pulled together from both internal and external sources, including company systems, and then prepared for analysis. Data visualizations are created and put into business intelligence dashboards and reports, enabling decision-makers to utilize them for strategic planning. Armed with this information, they can make the important decisions quicker and more accurately, without relying on hunches, guesses, or interpretations of unclear analyses.

Business intelligence software, then, is relied upon for making better business decisions, enabling senior members to plot the path to heightened efficiency and increased revenue.

How Vena provides better business intelligence

There’s no denying the power and benefit of business intelligence software. There is a potential drawback, however: interpreting the data can still be confusing. Even once it’s been through the data analysis and put into dashboards, it can take hours or days to pore over the numbers to connect the dots and make sense of everything. And there’s no alternative; it’s essential to go through the numbers and data in order to understand where the business is and to move it where it needs to go.

This is where Vena Solutions steps in. With its Power BI Connector, it makes the good even better, with a true one-stop solution that offers the data in a way that makes sense, without learning a new proprietary system. In fact, it works within Excel, the tool you’re already familiar with. Think of it like adding a powerful new lens to a camera: you get greater clarity than ever before, but you’re operating the same camera that you know and love.

The best part is, although you’re working within the familiar environment of Excel, the data itself is controlled by a multi-dimensional cloud database. That database brings notable benefits including: your work is safe should there be a problem with your computers, team members no longer need to email the latest files between them, and all changes are auditable. All of this happens automatically in the background, so you can simply focus on the work itself. 

Vena’s Power BI Connector empowers your team, providing beautiful graphics and visualizations on every device, including phones. Key company metrics are always just a click away, and they’re always current. At any time of day or night, real-time insights are available without any need to email, update, or download.   

Instant insights

At-a-glance visuals bring the numbers to life, enabling company-wide collaboration

Quick setup

You’ll be up and running in no time thanks to pre-defined data integrations an a certified connector from Vena to Power BI

Real-time decisions

Data is always up-to-date and always accessible on any device. No more sending files back and forth to see the latest changes.

Vena’s capabilities include being able to automate any spreadsheet-driven process. The potential new insights to uncover and endless.

The question is, if you’re not using business intelligence to make decisions, what are you using?

User case study: 55% revenue growth

Tired of the error-prone burden of offline spreadsheets for forecasting, budgeting and reporting, Coca-Cola Consolidated - the USA’s largest bottler of Coke products - implemented Vena to connect regional stakeholders and empower C-suite executives. In the first few years as a Vena customer, revenue jumped 55% - from $3.1 billion to over $4.8 billion. 

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