We revolutionize the way Finance teams operate by automating manual processes to save time, reduce errors, and deliver more accurate information with deeper insights.

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Learn from the Leaders in Finance-led Business Planning.

We are a reseller and implementation partner of Vena Solutions, which connects people, systems and data to power finance-led business planning and real-time reporting using the world's leading spreadsheet platform.

What our clients have to say

"Very professional, knowledgeable, punctual, proactive, and adaptable. Definitely the smoothest project we’ve had so far."

Michelle Duncan

Business Systems Analyst

"The DB Group went above and beyond to figure out what we needed and how best to communicate to our partners."

Kevin Graney

Vice President, Global FP&A

"Amazing and provided the best support I have received from 3rd party consultants. Accommodating beyond expectation"

Frank Chou

Divisional Senior FP&A Manager

"I have never experienced the incredible level of expertise, responsiveness and communication."

Eric Matthews

"The DB Group were awesome! They were great at providing assistance, even off hours!"

Lambert Calvert
FP&A Team

"The DB Group saved us around 80 man-hours per month for regular reporting cycles."

Drew Goss
FP&A Manager

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Designed with you in mind

Tools you already know and use

Accelerate and improve budgeting and forecasting processes

Reduce unnecessary spend by up to 30%

Remove the manual work related to reporting and planning

Provide data on-demand through your organization 

Take back your time to focus on value-add work

10,000+ consulting hours

98.9% customer satisfaction

50+ successful implementations

Enjoy unparalleled clarity

Vena Solutions consolidates company-wide data into a central database, providing a single source of truth. 

No longer living in silos across different teams, data is accessible 24/7 from any device. 

It eliminates issues with version control, automatically keeping a changelog of updates and who made them - making Vena perfect for audit trails, too.

Process complex information with incredible simplicity

Vena Solutions brings company-wide data together in one place and generates clear, intuitive reports instantly.

Its financial modeling capabilities enable finance teams to predict business performance against given situations. The real-time data access and reporting functionality enables decision-makers to make informed decisions and stay agile.

And it all happens within the familiar environment of Excel, eliminating the steep learning curve of most new software.

Declaration of Promises

When you work with The DB Group, you join a team that is fanatical about customer satisfaction.

Our Declaration of Promises is exactly that: our promise to you of what you can expect from working with us.

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