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We are a management and implementation consultancy with 15 years of combined FP&A experience. A Vena client for five years before becoming a Vena partner, The DB Group specializes in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software.  We advise clients on how to maximize the value of Vena software to improve and streamline the finance and accounting processes (reporting, budgeting, forecasting, human & capital resource planning, consolidation, etc.) We work exclusively with Vena to ensure an expedited time to value . . . and we make sure we WOW every client!

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We will expedite your time-to-value. This may be your first implementation. It’s not ours. We will save you time and resources. Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum

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No need to rely on consultants post implementation. Our collaborative approach ensures a successful knowledge and skill transfer. We love working ourselves out of a job. 


We aim to WOW every client. Let us exceed your expectations and address your needs thoughtfully and in unexpected ways. Let us be your value-added partner. Lorem ipsum Lorem

Dominic DiBernardo

Dominic has 13 years of FP&A experience. Prior to founding The DB Group, Dominic held the title of Chief Business Intelligence Officer where he managed both Finance and IT. He has enjoyed the benefits of using Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software for most of his career and he now, as a Vena Partner, wants to deliver those benefits to as many clients as possible. Dom knows the product inside and out after using it for five years as a client.


Trenton Hubley

Trenton leveraged Vena on the client side for over three years working as a Financial Analyst. After using Vena on a daily basis during that period, he mastered the product and now looks to spread his experience and expertise to a wide variety of clients. Trenton recognizes all the benefits that CPM software can provide and he will deliver those benefits as a premier partner of Vena and Senior Consultant for
The DB Group.

Vena Solutions


Intuitive & powerful, Vena is the enterprise, budgeting, planning & revenue forecasting solution you need


Automate Manual Processes: Liberate your team from the grind of
verifying data, chasing down numbers and building reports by
automating your core financial processes.

Deliver Insightful Analysis: Make finance the acknowledged expert in
analysis and the go-to team for the delivery of insights that help make
smarter, faster decisions.

Guide the Whole Business: Move from historical transactional analysis
to advanced financial intelligence to drive data-driven decisions that
proactively lead the market.



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